(noun) essë (pl. essi is attested, but see below concerning \#esser as a possible alternative pl. form. Note: the word essë was also used in the sense "person as a whole", body and soul.) AFTER-NAME epessë (i.e., "a nickname – mostly given as a title of admiration or honour"); MOTHER-NAME (OF INSIGHT) \#amilessë (tercenya) (i.e. names given by Elvish mothers to their children, indicating some dominant feature of the nature of the child as perceived by its mother. Only pl amilessi tercenyë is attested.) NAME OF INSIGHT \#essë tercenya (i.e., the same as "mother-name"; only pl essi tercenyë is attested); GIVEN (OR ADDED) NAME anessë (pl anessi is attested. This term includes both "after-names" and "mother-names".) NAME-MAKING Essecarmë (an Eldarin seremony in which the father of a child announces its name), NAME-CHOOSING Essecilmë (an Eldarin seremony in which a person chooses a name according to his or her personal lámatyávë or sound-taste); SELF-NAME \#cilmessë (only pl. cilmessi is attested, said to mean more literally "names of personal choice": \#cilmë "choice" + essi "names". PM:339 explains that "some among the exiles gave themselves names, as disguises or in reference to their own deeds and personal history: such names were called kilmessi 'self-names'.") PLACE NAME \#nómessë (isolated from the gen. pl. form nómesseron, "of place-names", VT42:17. This word suggests that the plural of essë can be esser as well as essi). –ES/LotR:1157/MR:216, UT:266, MR:217, 214, VT42:17 (verb) esta- –ES, VT45:12

Quettaparma Quenyallo (English-Quenya). 2014.


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